Posted on: January 19, 2009 10:22 am

Steeler's vs. Cardinals...Really? Believe it.

As soon as the first Championship game ended yesterday, I must have heard a dozen people say that this superbowl would not be popular because of the teams playing in it.  I couldn't disagree more.  I think the TV execs and football fans accross the country will be pleasantly surprised at the Big Game.  Why?  Two words. Chicago Cubs.  Yep.  The Arizona Cardinals are the football equivalent to the Chicago Cubs.  It has been 61 years since the Cardinals held a Championship.  Granted it has been over 100 for the Cubs, but at least they have been to the playoffs on somewhat of a regular basis.  Not alot...but more that the Cardinals in the past 50 years.

How about Kurt Warner for a story line?  This guy will unbelieveably be the first QB to take two different teams to the Super Bowl as a start, and could be the first to win. (Crag Morton lost Super Bowl V and VII with Dallas and Denver)  This guy is bagging groceries, plays in the AFL, gets picked up, wins a SuperBowl, an MVP, gets traded, helps Eli Manning along, gets traded again, wins the starting job for the lowly Cardinals, and then finds his way back to the Super Bowl at age 37?  AND he probably got shafted for the MVP award! 

Pittsburg has great tradition, and there may be some execs that were hopeing for the Steelers/Eagles match up, but I believe that spreading it across the country will be better for the Networks.  Pittsburg as fans across the country, and Arizona has fans out West and in the Midwest. (Mainly Chicago and St. Louis)  I think that this going to make an intriguing match up between a great offense with Arizon and a great Defense with Pittsburg.  Don't be surprised if this one is an instant classic.


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